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Recently the issue of drilling in Marcellus Shale has been brought to the forefront of local governments.  I am a strong proponent of being proactive in protecting the environment, the roads, private properties, and residents with regard to the true issues the process of gas drilling or “hydro-fracturing” causes.  At the Board level I have gone on record at numerous meetings concerning the need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to this issue.  While many municipalities struggle with issues of the possibility of contamination of their ground water supplies, during my first term on the Town Board, I supported a $600,000 aquifer study to identify and map the aquifer and it’s recharge point.  With this study complete, and the knowledge of where our recharge point is, the Town is out front in protecting one of it’s main water sources.  Having been around during the time when there was ground water contamination in a neighboring Town, and watching the far reaching ramifications of that contamination, I am very aware and concerned of what can happen to our water supply.  Protection of our water supply is why I initially supported the Town Board’s original and subsequent studies and have been pushing the current Town Board to being very aggressive to our approach in addressing this issue.


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This blog address is in memory of our first pet together as a married couple.  Laika 1 was a black & white smooth fox terrier who came to us from our breeder with a nickname of  “Houdina” for her ability to escape from every type of enclosure.  She certainly lived up to her nickname as she was able to escape from her locked cage when we left her home by herself.  One day I decided to place a camcorder in her room in front of the cage and try and catch her in the act of escaping.  Sure enough the camcorder caught her escape act, and as soon as she emerged from the now open cage she went over and knocked down the camcorder.

Laika (from the Russian: Лайка, literally meaning “Barker” or “Howler”) was a Soviet space dog (c. 1954 – November 3, 1957) who became the first animal to orbit the Earth and the first orbital death.

Laika 1 is gone now but her memory lives on thru our latest Laika (3) a black & white smooth-haired fox terrier.

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